Logo is the universal website and media platform for all things foam fighting. Our LARP groups include Dagohir, Belegarth, Amtgard, Darkon, and so many more. We host a larp event calendar, boffer weapon tutorials, and all the latest larping news and excitement from the field of battle. No matter what boffer organization you belong to (or even if you haven’t found the right one yet) you can use this website as a one-stop resource for all your live action roleplaying needs.

Not sure what Larping is? (Live Action Role Playing) Don’t know the meaning of boffer, Belegarth, or Amtgard? Did you just finish watching Knights of Badassdom or Role Models and this is your first time picking up a foam sword? Go over to our video page for fighting tutorials on a number of larp weapons, building guides for foam swords and weapons, and documentaries on the various sword fighting sport groups and larp organizations. 

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