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Olympics XVII

Welcome to Mittelmarch, a mystical place that travelers find by entering the Mist. The Mist brings people from other worlds and times, both moral and wicked alike. Be wary on your travels, friend; elves and dwarves, knights and thieves, halflings, orcs and other sorts wander this place.

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Olympics XVII

Time & Location

Apr 21, 7:00 PM – Apr 24, 11:00 PM

Indianapolis, 2316 S German Church Rd Indianapolis, IN 46239

About the Event

Welcome to Mittelmarch, a mystical place that travelers find by entering the Mist. The Mist brings people from other worlds and times, both moral and wicked alike. Be wary on your travels, friend; elves and dwarves, knights and thieves, halflings, orcs and other sorts wander this place. Here you live and die by the sword, so keep your shield up and your blade sharp.

----------------------------------------------- EVENT & SITE RULES

**Mittelmarch Code of Conduct** First and foremost, Mittelmarch aims to ensure a safe, open, and welcoming environment for all participants. By attending Mittelmarch events you agree to adhere to the Mittelmarch Code of Conduct (

**COVID-19 Policies and Practices** —Vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is required to attend Olympics XVII for all participants age 5 and up. —There is no exception to this policy and you will be turned away at Gate if proof of vaccination is not provided. —You may show a photo or bring your physical vaccination card to Gate check upon arrival. —Face masks are required only while in indoor areas such as the pavilion and restrooms. Masks are not required outdoors or the fighting field. —Mittelmarch reserves the right to include additional requirements in response to the pandemic.

**Gate** Attendees must have a valid ID to check in at Gate (must match your vaccination card). —Gate opens at 4pm ET on Thursday and all participants must be off site by 11am ET on Sunday. —Event entry fees vary based on arrival day; see “Pricing and Pre-registration” below for more information. —Feast will be available for those that complete pre-registration prior to the event.

**Minors and Children** —Minors (under the age of 18) must have a parent or legal guardian on site -or- provide a notarized waiver as well as a chaperone 21 years of age or older onsite all weekend. —The fighting age for the Olympics is 16 years of age or older. —Children under the age of 12 must be within sight of their guardian at all times and will be held to a curfew of 10pm, when they must be in their camp for the evening.

**Safety and Site Policies** —No underage drinking or use of illegal substances will not be tolerated. —Live steel is not permitted on the battlefield and must be kept in a sheath. —Children under the age of 12 must adhere to the 10pm curfew. —All animals must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after at all times. —Period drinking vessels are required after dark. Feast gear is encouraged during the feast.

**Garb** Mittelmarch events follow Belegarth regulations and garb policies for all participants. If any member of the event staff finds your garb to be outside of garb standards, you may be asked to change into attire that is more appropriate.

**Campsites** —Campsites are first come, first serve. The main camping area allows in-ground fire pits (must dig out the top soil/grass and return it on Sunday morning) —The merchant area and the grounds by the cabins permit event above ground fire bowls only (must be approved by event staff)

Mittelmarch will be strictly enforcing these event and site rules to ensure we foster a safe, enjoyable event experience for all.

----------------------------------------------- PRICING & PRE-REGISTRATION

$40 = Thursday $30 = Friday $20 = Saturday camping $10 = Saturday day battles only Age 5-15 = $10 for weekend Age 4 and younger = free!

Pre-Registration includes camping, fighting, and Saturday feast. *Attendees MUST pre-register to eat at the feast; walk-in feast will not be available.* Pre-register here:

----------------------------------------------- SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

THURSDAY 4:00 pm - Gate Opens, Highlander Tournament 7:00 pm - “Plastidip Seminar” 8:00 pm - Weapons Check 9:00 pm - Pizza Party in the Pavilion (free pizza!) Dusk - Night Fighting 11:00 pm - Gate Closes

FRIDAY 8:00 am - Gate Opens 10:00 am - Weapons Check | “Intro to Arbalistry: Crossbows 101” 12:00 pm - Field Battles 3:00 pm - “The Art of Campfire Cooking” 4:00 pm - Arts and Sciences Competition | “Flanking Concepts” 6:00 pm - “Bardic Coaching” 7:00 pm - “Event Planning 101” 8:00 pm - Assassins' Tournament 8:00 pm - Weapons Check 8:30 pm - “Balthazar's Drum Circle” Dusk - Night Fighting 11:00 pm - Gate Closes

SATURDAY 8:00 am - Gate Opens 10:00 am - Weapons Check | “Battle Design” 11:00 am - “Beginners Combat” 12:00 pm - Field Battles 1:00 pm - Tournaments | “Fingerloop Braiding for Beginners” 2:00 pm - “Field First Aid” 4:00 pm - Four Horsemen Tournament 5:30 pm - Highlander Tournament Ends 6:00 pm - Feast 7:30 pm - Tug of War Competition 9:00 pm - Bardic Competition Dusk - Night Fighting 11:00 pm - Gate Closes

SUNDAY Please be off site by 11:00 am!

----------------------------------------------- TOURNAMENTS & COMPETITIONS in presentation order

Highlander - any single slashing weapon under six feet, armor permitted; must display Highlander tag(s) for the duration of the tournament

Arts & Sciences Competition - items must be entered under one of the following categories: Sewing, Accessories, Armor, Weapons and Shields, Medieval Art, Food and Beverage

Assassins’ Tournament - test your stealth against other assassins hunting the same prey; the first to submit a complete list of assassinations wins

Single Weapon - blue weapon

Two Weapons - blue weapons

Weapon & Shield - blue weapon and shield

Great Weapon - reds six feet and under

Polearm - all weapons six feet and over

Archery - speed, target

Novice - new players only (three years or less), armed as you choose; must never have won a Belegarth tournament before and be unbelted/unchained

Valkyrie - women only, armed and armored as you choose

Two Man - teams of two, armed and armored as you choose

Four Horsemen - teams of four, armed and armored as you choose

Tug of War - teams of five compete in a contest of strength and technique; each team may have one coach/alternate

Bardic Competition - those with a theatrical heart are invited to perform and entertain; categories follow the Greek muses: Comedy, Tragedy, History

----------------------------------------------- MERCHANTS

Adventure Emporium – various leather, bushcraft and including belts, pouches, mug holders, coin purses, tails, cuffs and more

BadAss Garb – ultra durable fighting garb, one-of-a-kind feasting garb and garb accessories

Forged Foam – foam weapons and shields

Heads or Tails – a ‘one stop larp shop’ with garb, weapons, leather goods, crowns, and more

Knights & Vessels – feast gear, tankards, eating knives, plates, bowls, mugs

Page and Plunder – leather goods, particularly journals, jewelry, hair accessories and gaming accessories including dice towers and book nooks

Silverbush Pottery and Trade Goods – pottery and various wares

Souler Equip LLC – foam weapons and shields

----------------------------------------------- OLYMPICS ACADEMY

Proposal submissions have closed. Please see the schedule above for "scheduled classes."

----------------------------------------------- OLYMPICS XVII EVENT STAFF and TOURNAMENT COORDINATORS

Event Coordinator/Security - Brent Walker (Sir Rune)

Gate - Liz Walker (Tari)

Weapons Check, Field Battles - Alex Bautista (Squire Tartarus)

Tournaments - Josh Allison (Sir Lukan)

Highlander - Jason Twerberg (Sir Nichtmar)

Assassins’ Tournament - James Jackson (Squire Dorian)

Olympics Academy - Nik Springman (Sir MacDimm) and Liz Walker (Tari)

Bardic - Nik Springman (Sir MacDimm)

Arts and Sciences Competition - Daniel Cones (Squire Kyrnn)

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