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This hobby was, is, and will always be about the community. At we are striving to bring the greater LARP community together. We are building resources to promote cross gaming and the foam fighting community at large. We strive to help encourage new players to join and to keep all players returning for more.

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Our goal is to become an all in one resource for the foam fighting community. A place where new players can find out about local events, and existing players can hone their skills and keep up with the latest news. Unfortunately, we cannot do this alone. The cost for the monthly upkeep for this website and it's tools is no small amount. To continue supplying the website with fresh media content and information requires our staff to travel all across the country, which any member of our community will tell you is no cheap endeavor. Our sole drive is to serve the LARP community and we want to continue doing so as a free service for all, but we can only keep doing that with your help. Thank you for your support.

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