A gallery of foam fighting event photos taken from across the nation. Photography has always been a big part of larping, and a favorite pastime among non-combatants. It is a way to honor all the hard work that goes into each larp costume, every link of armor, sculpted bit of leather or hand sewn cloth. Most fighters work very hard on their medieval garb outfits and weapon kits. This deserves recognition. Here we display pictures taken by a number of various members of the larping community. If you would to add to our gallery please contact us with the information below.  

Do you have photos from a larp event you want to share on our website? Send them via email to please include any contact information so we can give due credit. Feel free to include any watermarks you deem necessary. Thank you for helping us support new content.

Calling All Photographers!

*Qualifying events must be multiple days and have an average attendance of 100* members.