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Darkon’s Bellum Aeternus IX Schedule Reveal

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Bellum is a four day event for of all things Darkon. This boffer event is welcome to new players, cross-gamers, and veterans alike. This is the 9th year hosting this event, which has the honor of being the single largest multi-day LARP event in the Maryland/Virginia/DC area.

Get preregistered for all the fun at You can also pre-register and purchase your bellum tickets in person. Pre-reg saves you time, money, and you get some freebies. Also helps our event staff have a smoother launch and check-in experience

Below is the reveal of our Bellum Event Schedule of what is being planned (some things may be subject to minor changes). We are going to have a blast!

Ye OLDE SCHEDULE A few forward notes.- Kommie Pig Food Truck will be here on Friday and Saturday. Showers are accessible at the cabin 9:00AM to 9:00PM. Be sure to check out our awesome vendors when they have their booths open- vendors set their own hours and will be here over the course of the event.

Wednesday: 12:00PM – Earliest You Can Show Up. Follow all instructions from Bellum staff for parking and camp site locations. 2:00pm: Check in opens 4:30pm: Check in closes 8:00 PM – Bellum Aeternus Welcome Party "Bilbo's Birthday Party" Hosted by the Board of Directors

Thursday: 10:00 AM - Check in opens 12:00 PM - Check in closes/new player (5 events or less) speech 12:30 PM - Darkon Presents the Bellum Adventure “The Drums of War” 12:30 PM - Capture the Flag Battle 1:00 PM - Quest Jobs Available at the Pavillion 1:00 PM- Pen game begins 2:30PM- Capture the Flags Battle Ends 3:00 PM- Register for Escort Caravan Instance 4:30 PM - Quest Jobs Close, Adventure Ends for Day 7:00 PM - Pen Game tallying closes for the day and resumes at 1:00PM tomorrow

Friday: 10:00 AM - Check in opens 11:00 AM - Registration for Firebrand Tournament Opens 11:30AM - New Player Speech for folks doing the tournament happening by Tourney area 12:00 PM - Check in closes/new player (5 events or less) speech 12:00 PM - Firebrand Tournament Starts 12:30 PM - Darkon resumes the Bellum Adventure “The Drums of War” 12:30 PM - Control the Keeps Battle 1:00 PM - Quest Jobs Available at the Pavillion 1:00 PM - Death Poker Game- Whenever you go to "hades" get a playing card. If someone kills you give them all your cards. Turn in 5 card hands for points to the Quest giver in pavillion. Better hands equal better points. No trading or gifting cards. 1:00 PM- Pen game tallying begins 2:30 PM- Control the Keeps Battle Ends 3:00 PM - Adventure Battle (Mystery- all will be revealed in time) Post 3:00 PM Event - Adventure concludes. 7:00PM - Pell Game Ends 7:00PM - Bardic Tournament portion of Arts and Sciences at Pavillion. 8:00PM - Tavern, Adventure's Casino, and Wheel of Death fights at Pavillion

Saturday: 10:00 AM - Check in opens 11:00 AM – Class: Service, a Safety Council, and Knighthood - A discussion of philosophy and the state of service to the game in Darkon. 11:00AM - You may start bringing your Arts and Sciences entries to the pavillion. 12:00 PM - Check in closes/new player speech begins 12:30 PM - First battle scenario begins (Kick the Can) 1:00 PM – Deadline to have submitted submissions for Bellum Arts and Sciences Competition 1:30 PM - First Battle Scenario ends. Hydration break while setting up Battle 2. 2:00 PM - Second Battle scenario begins (Halcon's Bridge Battle) 3:30 PM - Second battle ends. Hydration break while setting up Battle 3. 4:00 PM - Third battle scenario begins (Bellum Warlord Style Battle) 5:00 PM – Court, awards and knighting, and Arts and Sciences results are announced. 9:00 PM – Pit Fights Begin

Sunday: 12:00 PM - Be off site by this time with camps packed up, cleaned, and cleared. Afterwards- Bask in the glory of the weekend.

Looks like a great Darkon larping event. Hope your able to make it out!

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