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Best Gloves For Battle Gaming or Boffer Larping

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Epoch Foam Fighting Lacrosse Gloves

Padded gloves are the best larping accessory to keep your hands protected during foam fighting, and maybe one of the most import part of your kit. Nowadays, gloves are being produced with a number of different designs and features to ensure durability, flexibility and comfort. Many fighters choose modern sports gloves like lacrosse and hockey for their price and latest protection features. These modern gloves are then generally coated or painted to match the foam fighter's garb. The level of combat and foam weapon types at your specific group will determine your particular protection needs.

Today, I bring you a comparison of the best safety gloves that will help with your quest for the most durable and protective larping gear. (cuffs optional.)


STX Surgeon RZR Gloves

STX Surgeon RZR Boffer Combat Gloves

The best overall goes to the STX brand RZR gloves with their near-indestructible construction. They offer "SUPERFLEX" technology built into them, meaning there are twice as many of the protection blocks in the vital areas of the gloves, allowing for superb weapon control and flexibility. Suede palm "2nd SKIN" with engineered mesh vents allows for an even tighter grip. Perfect for aggressive fighters. DFLKT shields on the thumb and the back of the hand allow for extra protection from strikes. Overall they provide serious boffer fighters with high performance and little disappointment.

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Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik M4 Larp Boffer Gloves

Let’s move to the next set of boffer safety gloves. These come from Maverik M4 glove manufacturers and the unique feature of these gloves is their "SHARKGEL" padding in the thumb, this provides sturdiness and comfort to move the thumb easily. The AX Suede materials used are also great for making the gloves feel soft to wear. An adjustable Velcro enclosure on the wrist allows for a tight overall fit. Not to mention, the mesh materials on the palms and back of the hand allow for plenty of proper ventilation with their "FLOWCOOL" venting technology. By far one of the best pairs of gloves for foam fighting on the market.

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Bauer S18 NSX Hockey Gloves

Brine King Superlight 2 Foam Fighting Gloves

Hockey gloves in general will provide more protection, especially for the thumbs, than standard lacrosse gloves. This comes at the cost of some flexibility and bulkiness. The Bauer S18 combines medium-density foams with plastic inserts found on the side of the backhand and fingers for solid protection. The Ergo Flex Thumb offers a sturdy one piece design reinforced by firm plastic which protects against hyper-extension

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Epoch Integra Elite Lacrosse Gloves

Epoch Elite Battle Gaming Gloves

Made with Ariaprene and designed to feel and perform like a second skin, the Epoch Integra Elite gets our award for the most comfortable pair of gloves. "S.Cafe technology" helps cool hands, reduces odor, dries quickly, and even provides UV protection during combat. The Epoch foam fighting gloves use a non-rigid stabilized composite material that is extremely lightweight and flexible. They have a one-piece palm made with Ax Suede for its moisture

wicking characteristics, superior feel, control

and perfect fit.

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Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Brine King Superlight 2 Foam Fighting Gloves

Next are the King Superlight 2 Lacrosse gloves from the Brine brand. This well-known brand is manufacturing durable gloves with lightweight and flexible construction. These are easy to fit on your fingers and wrists and have floating cuffs to allow for easy removal. The Nash textured palms are exclusive to Brine and allow for added control and grip on your weapons. For increased airflow, it has mesh construction on the backside of its hands in addition to the palms.

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Warrior Evo Gloves (2019 Model)

Warrior Evo Larp Hand Protection

The next gloves up are from Warrior, their Evo lacrosse gloves packs in much of the same technology as the Evo Pro model at a fraction of the price. If you're on a budget, these Warrior brand gloves will prove to be a valued part of your LARP kit, without breaking the bank. The construction is soft and durable and has a molded layer of poly-ethylene board in key impact zones to help protect your vital points. These models have a tighter feel than most other models which allows for a stronger grip on weaponry but may run a bit small for some. Make sure to check the sizing chart.

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Other Options


Red Dragon Armory Hema Gloves

Maverik M4 Larp Boffer Gloves

Hema gloves come in a large verity of different designs and styles. Some more modern like the ones show here, and others made in a more traditional medieval style such as the padded leather gloves and "Lobster" style heavy gloves. The level of protection offered by Hema gloves will also greatly vary depending on the design. These specific Red Dragon gloves protect the fingers with overlapping finger plates providing good protection with maximum mobility. The outer covering is a tough microfiber material, a

welcome upgrade from the typical synthetic

leather coverings.

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A number of other Hema glove choices can be found at:

The Hema Shop


Bokalo's Armoury

Warrior Evo Larp Hand Protection

If your going for full immersion, or just want the level of protection that only true functional metal gauntlets can provide. Look no further than Boakalo's Armoury for trusted craftsmanship that comes recommended by both live action role players and historical reenactment groups such as HEMA and the SCA. Most of Bokalo's gauntlets are crafted from high quality aluminum and stainless

steel. They offer a superior product albeit at a

generally higher price point than your modern

sports glove.

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What to Consider When Buying Battle Gaming Gloves


Protection is without a doubt the highest priority for your larping gloves. No matter what level of foam fighting takes place at your LARP, protecting your hands is essential. With no hand protection, you’d undoubtedly suffer fractured bones or severe sprains in due time. You can’t perform your best out on the field of battle if you are injured, so considering the level of protection that a glove offers should always be your #1 priority. All it takes is one minor hand injury to ruin your whole boffer event or campout. Depending on your personal level of fighting and foam weapon choices, you know that you will need to equip yourself with better protection or if you can get away with something more lightweight.

Comfort & Flexibility

This comes at a close second to protection. The grip between palm and stick is very important to your success when fighting. Let’s start with the grip: you want something that is less of a noticeable layer and more of a membrane between your palm and weapon. Normally, this will be suede but we are beginning to see companies make advancements in material. Ideally, you want something with minimal stitching and a thin construction that gives you the ultimate feel on your stick. The best glove is the one that you don't feel like you're wearing at all, but be mindful that softer materials like clarino, micromesh, and ultra AX suede may provide the ultimate in grip, but also can have shorter lives due to their soft, supple nature.

On the flip side of your hand, you want a glove that promotes the dexterity of your fingers. Higher-end gloves on the market will employ design quirks such as paneling to grant a better range of motion to your fingers, allowing for a full range of shots with your weapon of choice.


Gloves are an expensive investment so it would be best to get multiple years of fighting out of a pair and not continue to have to dip into your pocket over and over. After all, that's what new foam weapons are for. When on the hunt for a pair of larping gloves, the material is the key to strong durability. Look for ones that do not skimp on the highest level of palm and outer material to prevent standard wear and tear.

Another important element is stitching or the lack thereof. The fewer “parts” to a glove, the longer it will likely last as it will not have the usual points of vulnerability. STX made a big leap forward with their next generation of gloves by crafting a single continuous exterior piece. Elements such as this and strong base materials will ensure your gloves get years of use.

Wrapping Up The Best Gloves For Foam Battle Gaming or Boffer Larping.

We hope our article helped educate you on the world of lacrosse LARP gloves. Whether you want the top of the line, or something a bit more budget-friendly, we tried to hit all the best options available. Our top choice for the year remains the STX Surgeon RZR gloves for their great combination of protection, flexibility, and durability. Although, we found each item on this list impressive for its own unique elements.

-Daius Flint

Extra Segment: How To Wash Lacrosse/Hockey Gloves

It happens to every larper. It's common for gloves to develop a smell from sweat, moisture, or simply dirt and grime. You will eventually need to wash your lacrosse gloves, and this is what you need to do:

  • Wipe off any dirt or break off any dried mud on them.

  • Fill up a sink large bowl with hot water.

  • Add a mild detergent to the water, and soak your gloves for 15 minutes.

  • Rinse and wipe off the gloves to remove the remaining dirt and soap.

  • Set your gloves out to dry. Do not put them in a dryer.

  • For more detailed instructions visit the link below.

  • Wikihow: How to Wash Lacrosse Gear.

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