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Winter War 2021 Campmaster Pre-Registration is open!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Hail Campmasters for Winter War 2021!

Winter War is one of the biggest premier Dagohir foam fighting events in the south.

Campmaster Pre-Registration tickets are open. Make sure to fill in your Unit/Realm/Camp name, so that we can get general Pre-Reg rolling shortly.

To reiterate the the staff stance on Covid; we have a mix of open and closed spaces. Lots of physical contact and maintaining a social distance is an issue for combat game, and heavily social event like what we all love. We're pushing to be able to hold an open to all safe event. If that's not a possibility, then we'll make the painful call again. We're either safe for all, or it won't be. Winter War won't take the risk to staff and attendees. Risk levels will have to be at a safe level for the unvaccinated as well. We have too many people that simply can't be vaccinated, for a variety of health reasons, that have to be considered as well.

“We'll be making a final call by the middle of September. Like we did last year. By then, numbers will either be good and safe, or not good enough to risk it..”

General Admission Registration

Ticket purchase open on August 1

Pre-registration Ticket purchase open from August - November 11

  • Any camping registration after November 11 will be considered a Late Registration ($40 per ticket)

  • ALL camps MUST register under the camp master name.

Day Trip and Late Registration tickets will be available beginning November 12

For more information about this boffer event visit or the event's Facebook page at

For more information on Dagorhir visit

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